>How can I download the audio files?

Audio files can be downloaded individually from SoundCloud (clicking the downward-pointing arrow/’more’ beneath each track).

Finished Introduction or Complete courses can also be downloaded via torrent. Torrent files can be opened for download with light programmes such as utorrent. Click to download torrents files for: Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Swahili, French, Ingles/English for Spanish Speakers.

You can also get audio files on an LT USB Key from the non-shop!

If you would like to suggest another free and easy way to share the courses, get in touch!

>What level are the courses for and what do they cover?

Courses are designed for beginners but as can be seen in user feedback, many learners report having learnt a lot with LT from the get go, even after having studied a language for many years!

'Complete' courses explore the entire structural panorama of the language, give a good base of vocabulary and put emphasis on the skills needed to continue to excel as a language learner. Introductory courses do the same but cover less of the structural panorama than Complete courses. Nevertheless, the Introductions are much more comprehensive than your typical introductory course and home in on the underlying characteristics of the language, enabling the learner to continue their learning journey independently! For this reason, beginners as well as advanced learners report learning and clarifying a great deal with the Introduction courses.

>How can I review a particular point? Is there a guidebook/transcript?

You are advised to not use transcripts during course-time unless you really have to in order to follow the English, and it is especially important not to look at the transcript whilst constructing your sentences mentally! And it is most definitely not advisable to attempt learning the language from the transcript alone. That said, the transcripts can be used for revision purposes to good effect.

Some transcripts have been created by online volunteers and these can often contain a great many mistakes. Nevertheless they are available here: Spanish, Greek, Arabic, German, Italian. Volunteers are needed to edit these transcripts and create new ones.