The Lt story


From now…

Whilst the plan has always been to create a team, I haven’t let the project’s existence depend on that. This has meant giving my all to bring LT into the world on my own. It has been an amazing experience, but also an entirely unsustainable one which could never continue indefinitely.

Not only for this reason, but also because I know that a team of thinkers has the potential to create even better courses than my own, that my challenge for the foreseeable future is to source a team and create training material that can really impart the depth and intricacy of this method; something which is often underestimated due to the simplicity of doing an LT course.

Interest in course-writing is high, and I’m reserving my energies to work with those who really demonstrate a boundless dedication to this art! Currently, there is a small team in Israel/Palestine working on Arabic for Hebrew speakers with my direction, and I continue to scout for talent!

Until now…

Once folk get into the online material, they often become very curious about how all of this came to be, why it’s free, and who Mihalis is!

So first things first, Mihalis is me, hi! That’s because everything you see on this site is the creation of just one guy; there’s no Language Transfer team, and no-one to write this for me!

The motivations for creating LT (and in the particular way it has been created) are many and have evolved and varied since the project’s conception in 2011. For this reason it is so difficult, and maybe even dishonest, to sketch out or frame an ‘LT story’, and seeing that I’m not trying to sell you any brand - I guess I don’t have to!

So maybe the best way to share this ongoing tale is in fragments, please find some of those below in the form of videos, audios and reading material.

A 5 minute interview on Language Transfer, the Thinking Method, the Cyprus Project and activism!

The Cyprus Project was a big part of the motivation and story behind LT!

In this 25 minute interview we home in on some of the more unlikely motivations behind the Language Transfer project.

Key facts

The free model reflects a desire to play a cooperative and caring role in society, rather than a competitive one.

The Thinking Method challenges what we think we know about learning, teaching and languages, and what we think we need to know in order to really learn.

LT is a non-profit project.

LT has no sponsors or advertisers.