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The Patreon campaign provides THE fixed income which keeps LT ticking over each and every month!

Join the campaign to help the project keep clearing milestones and begin forming a team of course-writers for Mihalis to direct!

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The non-shop is a unique fundraising concept, where you can purchase physical copies of any or all of the material already available freely online! Funds from these sales help LT create more free material!

You can also get your hands on fun promotional material to help you share the LT project, where you pay only for the production and shipping costs of the packs.


Language Transfer relies on its usership to spread the word. Other than sharing LT online and getting a dissemination pack to help you do that in your everyday life, you can also:

-download and print sharer cards to leave around your city! Budget online printers can print 1,000 cards for around $10!

-write to news outlets/tv producers and tell them why you think they might want to cover this fascinating project!

-write to your contacts to try and get LT some free advertising space somewhere!

-contact teachers and suggest they share LT courses with their students/use them in the classroom (they are free to do so!).

-change your wifi name to ‘ - free languages’.

-plug the course commissioning option (below)!

Commission a course

Course commissioning is the bridge between the expertise of LT, and those organisations and individuals that have a pressing need for a certain course as well as the resources to make it happen!

Companies and organisations can help LT hire a new course-writer to create their course of choice under Mihalis’ direction.

Get in touch to discuss how we might work together to make your course happen!

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All donations come with votes!

Users can have fun voting for any living language to be rebuilt into an exhilarating freely-shared learning experience!

Both occasional donators and supporters of the Patreon campaign get 1 vote for a new language course per dollar donated (await email following donation).

You can also get a free vote on social media!

The graphic (left) shows the top 10 languages with most votes, but you can vote for any living language!

Once the Thinking Method Guidebook is released in 2020, a competition will be opened for new course writers and a new language will be selected from the voting campaign, so get voting!